Holme Fen Fishery weekly report 12-6-17

In June 11, 2017


2×50’s, 10×40’s, 15×30’s

Another amazing weeks fishing on the Meadows with the fish having a good feed prior to spawning. Fish are being caught all over the lake however are grouped up and hence when you’re on them there’s a good chance of hooking multiple fish over a relatively short period of time. Mon Tue saw Richard Kimbell catch a 50-04 PB from Party Point, Lee Pleasance have a 34, 34-06 and 28 common from the Dugout, John Munson bank a 41-03 and 33 from Four strong Winds, John Lock have 44 PB and 29-08 from the Beach and John Chalton bank 32-10, 35, and two smaller ones from the Reeds.

Wed saw Keith Dye’s group arrive for the rest of the week and they continued to catch throughout the period. Keith Mccance had a remarkable trip catching 19 from the Beach including 6 30’s, 5 x 40’s and a 53-10, His fishing partner Steve also had a 47 and 39-14 from the same swim. Nick Bristow managed 6 from the Dugout inc 41-12, 30-10, 21-08, 17-10, 14-14 and 19-14, Keith Dye caught 38-01, 39-07 and 24-05 from Party Point , Johny Micner had a 34-10 from the Pump Hole and Andy Snell had a 29 from Harry’s


Poachers Pool is closed for spawning