We run a winter syndicate on Holme Fen Fishery which includes both Meadows and Poachers Pool lakes. The syndicate runs from Dec to late March, exact dates will be determined by September of the year concerned. The syndicate is limited to 40 members and allows stays of 48hr during December and March and 72hrs for January and Febuary.

2024/25 winter syndicate price £450

Ticket enquiries to martindawson@live.co.uk

Winter Syndicate rules:

Meadows Lake -Rules

  • When arriving at the site (no earlier than 6:00) enter the gate (using code emailed to you a week prior to arrival) and park in the main car park, Walk around the lake to find a swim then return to your car and drive to your chosen swim.
  • We try and keep the track open for driving to swims and request you drive on the track and not the grass. If access gets too cut up the track will be closed.
  • Slings, water mats nets and water buckets will be provided – anybody caught with their own equipment will be asked to leave immediately and banned without refund. No personal fish care equipment shall be brought on to the premises. Fish safety is of paramount importance.
  • A fifty-pound deposit for Carp care equipment for each angler will be collected at the beginning of the season, the pool of money will be used to replace broken or lost equipment at the end of the season and any remaining money returned.
  • All equipment (reels and line, weights, boats etc ) must be dry when arriving on site.
  • No fish are to be removed from the water at any time, please unhook, weigh and photograph all captures in the water and ensure your equipment is available by the waterside ready for use. Fish can be large to ask an adjacent angler for assistance.
  • Carp may be held in the recovery sling to assist weighing and photographing – the maximum time should not exceed 10 mins. No carp to be placed in a sack.
  • Minimum age is 20 years old for any exceptions please call to discuss.
  • No non-angling guests permitted on the fishery.
  • No solid or inflatable boatsto be brought on the premises.
  • 3 rod maximum.
  • No braided mainline, naked chod rigs or leadcore.
  • No Twig rigs
  • Minimum of 1 meter tubing or manufacturer prepared leaders i.e. Safezone, Fox etc. to be used
  • Pellets and suitably prepared Particles may be used in moderation.
  • No bait boats
  • Micro-barbed hooks only with maximum size 4.
  • Maximum lead size of 4oz.
  • Minimum line strength of 15lb inc. Zigs.
  • No artificial (plastic) bait 
  • Fishing is allowed from designated swims only. Please do not damage the vegetation.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • No rods to be left unattended
  • Always respect other anglers and do not cast into adjacent swims.
  • No fires. You may use BBQ’s but please ensure these are placed on bricks or slabs provided, do not place directly on the grass
  • Badly damaged fish must be retained in a sling and reported to the emergency numbers immediately.
  • Fish care treatments should be used on all hook holds marks, damaged fins etc.
  • Pictures of all 40lb+ plus fish should be emailed to the fishery team within 2 days with your name and size of fish, date, bait used plus any other information you think applicable email address to use: martindawson@live.co.uk.
  • All rubbish to be taken away with you. Any angler with rubbish in their swim will be asked to leave and those leaving rubbish in a swim will be banned. If there is rubbish in your swim upon arrival, please report to this to the bailiff.
  • Emergency Numbers (to be used for emergency calls only): Martin 07531 910515 Mike 07950 666058.
  • Poachers pool can use a mat (provided) and remove fish from the water as they are generally smaller and margins are much steeper