About Poachers Pool

Poachers Pool is approximately 4 acres in size and contains a mixture of original and stocked carp, with fish going up to 43lb. We believe the lake contains about 120 fish with approx. 20 of these going over 30lb, the majority of others being between 15lb and 30lb. The lake is available for group bookings of up to 3 anglers for 48, 96 or 144 hours duration. Bookings start on Mon, Wed or Friday.

Poachers Pool is believed to have been dug in the early sixties and was used for angling until the early nineties at which point it was closed and used as a holding pond for fish moved from other lakes on site destroyed when extractions started. During the period Poachers Pool was closed the lake was poached and it is believed most fish moved which makes it difficult to estimate what was left of the original stock. You may have already guessed but this is how Poachers Pool got its name.










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