About the Meadows

The Meadows is approximately 26 acres in size with an average depth of 12ft, but going down to 42ft in the proximity of the original Brake Hill Lake – an old clay pit originally on the site prior to the recent gravel excavations. It is believed that this lake was preserved throughout the working period of the gravel pit and a number of original 30lb+ carp have become resident in the Meadows.

2015 was a total sell out for which we would like to thank all those who fished and we hope to see you again. Fishing is not easy but when they are caught they can be big with over half the stock being 30lb+. We estimate the Meadows boasts 30+ fish over 40lb with an impressive lake record of 56-08.

The lake is a gin clear gravel pit with abundant weed growth that supports a very rich supply of natural food, including various insect larvae, snails, mussels and shrimps. There are a plethora of gulleys, mounds and bars over the entire lake which remain relatively clear of weed and offer ideal places to present hookbaits. Anglers can drive to behind or very near to their swim to unload equipment and then park their cars in one of 4 available parking areas conveniently located around the complex.

A detailed stocking plan was developed in early 2012, taking account of the size and availability of natural food in the lake. The stock fish have been derived from on-site lakes, local stock ponds and our own Premium carp range which are renowned for their excellent growth rates. A feeding plan was developed to manage the growth and health of the carp, which have been fed via ‘demand feeders’ to approximately 50% of their body mass requirements. This ensures that they get a staple diet from both high quality specialist carp feed, Premium Carp Foods (PCF) products, and the natural food available within the lake. In our view and experience, this not only leads to healthy growth rates but also strong hard fighting, fit carp.

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