About the Meadows

  The Meadows is approximately 26 acres in size with an average depth of 12ft, but going down to over 40ft at its deepest point. The fishery is extremely busy with weekly exclusive bookings accounting for the majority of business, if interested please email (martindawson@live.co.uk) your details to be placed on a limited waiting list for the following year. Meadows is designed for experienced anglers and is not easy but if you get a bite it could well be a PB. We estimate the Meadows boasts approx. 100 fish over 40lb with maybe 50 over 50lb and an impressive lake record of 75lb.

The lake is a gin clear gravel pit with abundant weed growth that supports a very rich supply of natural food, including various insect larvae, snails, mussels and shrimps. There are a plethora of gulleys, mounds and bars over the entire lake which remain relatively clear of weed and offer ideal places to present hookbaits. Anglers can drive to behind or very near to their swim (weather permitting).

There are 15 purpose built swims evenly spaced around the lake giving angler excellent access to many features including islands, troughs, bars, etc. There are 4 double swims and a number of swims in close proximity of each other allowing small groups to fish close and enjoy the social experience as well as the excellent fishing. A draw is conducted on arrival  where swims are chosen and any questions answered. If you wish to know information / spots for you chosen swim we are there to assist

Swim Map - Click to Enlarge