Holme Fen Fishery Report 5-6-17

In June 6, 2017

Meadows: 5x 50’s, 4 x40’s, 11×30’s

An amazing week on the Meadows with fish actively feeding all over the lake.

Mark Shaws group had their regular midweek session with all but one of the group catching. Ant Fowell had a great time in the Sunken Tree catching a brace of 50’s at 52-13 and 52-08 plus a 40-11. Mark Shaw caught 6 from the Dugout including 52-04, 39-08, 38, 38, 36-04 and 27 common, Trev Arthur caught a 42 from Four Strong Winds with Alan Glover also had a 41-06 from Four Strong Winds. Alan Shaw banked the largest fish of the session at 53-12 from Party Point while Mark Ambleton had a 38-12 from the Beach, Steve Williams caught a 33-12 from the Reeds, Rob Hill had a 35 from Harry’s and Brian Moores caught a 50-04 from the Pump Hole. There were a further 5 x 30’s caught over the weekend.

Poachers Pool has been closed for spawning.