Holme Fen Fishery report 26th June

In June 27, 2017

Meadows is currently shut for spawning

Poacher’s pool continues to fish well following re-opening. Wed saw Adrian Nicholson’s group start their 48hr session in the blazing heat Thursday morning started to cool off and fish started to respond. The group finished up bagging 11 fish with Lee Hawkins catching a 12 and 24 from Poachers Point, Paul Whyman had 19-04, 22-08, 25-08 from Midpoint and Adrian Nicholson had 16, 25-04, 26-12, 28-12 and 30 from the Takeaway all on our Relish lake bait. Most of the 26lb+ fish will be back to 30’s within the next couple of months