Holme Fen Fishery report wk starting 4th Oct

In October 13, 2020

Last few winter syndicate spaces available

Matthews group booked the Meadows for the week full of anticipation following a couple of slow weeks. The group fished hard managing to catch a respectable 18 fish over the week up to a massive weight of 61-12 one of this years new 60’s.

Ben had a great week catching 13 of the fish from Party point left including 10 over 40. Bens weights were 23, 28, 29.4, 42, 43, 45,45,45, 46, 47,47,47, and 57. Jack started off in Party point right moving part way through the week to Dugout to catch a 43-01 and 25-05. Dave had the biggest of the week a fish known as ‘Billy’ from Blown Away going an impressive 61-12, Adam had a 25 from Harry’s and Nay had a 29-03 common from Four Strong Winds.

Poachers also produced a good weeks fishing Jimmy’s group booked the midweek session catching two from Midpoint at 20 and 25lb and three from the Pipe at 32, 34 and 36. Ove the weekend James had a 30lb and Ian managed a 23 fishing poachers point whilst stalking during the day.