Holme Fen Fishery report wk starting 28th Sept

In October 8, 2020

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Meadows: Following on from last week’s very hard fishing the guys hoped the fish were hungry but with similar conditions (cold wind and rain) it was going to be hard. Matt got off to an early start landing a 45 from Four strong winds followed by a 49 later in the week. Nick had a 35-08 from the Beach and Graham had a 23 from Party point. Team PCF had the lake for the weekend holding one of their popular socials. Calvin was straight in by midday Friday with a 23 from the Dugout. Phil also had a 23 from Lookout while Phil G caught a PB at 40-06. Gary done well from Four Strong Winds with a 36-04 and 39-03 and Wayne banked a 35 from the Beach.

Poachers: The lake fished ok through week starting to throw out a few of the bigger fish. The Pipe had 3 at 27, 28 and 29 while the Takeaway produced a 34-01 and 29-12. On the social Andy caught a 23 from the Pipe, Nigel had a brace of 30’s at 32-06 and 30-01 and Phil had a 16-02 from Poachers point.