Holme Fen Fishery report wk starting 3rd June

In June 16, 2019

Meadows Lake
Another good weeks fishing on the Meadows with 17 fish coming out from all around the lake
Tony got off to an early start eventually catching 3 from the Beach at 44-09, 22-05 and 22-10, Alan also fishing the Beach had 49-02, 38-10 and 25-12. Matt P had a 28 from Jakes, Jamie a 46 from the Reeds and Matt K a 34 from Harry’s. Daniel had a great week in Party point banking 5 at 45, 42, 38, 33 and 22, Gavin fished next to him in the Dugout catching a 30-02. Four Strong Winds produced the biggest fish of the session after Mike moved there in torrential rain catching a 67-08. John had a 33 from Sunset.
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Poachers Pool
It was also a good week on Poachers, I missed te Mon -Tue anglers so not sure what was caught then. Harry had two at 33 and 29 midweek from the Takeaway. Over the weekend Rob continued the good run in Takeaway catching 32-02, 28-08, 27-04, 25, 25 while Gareth had a 26 and 18 from Poachers Point.