Holme Fen Fishery report 17th June

In June 30, 2019

Richards’s group fished the Meadows on a lake exclusive basis with a good number of the group catching. The group ending up with 19 fish. Sascha got off to a quick start in the Reeds catching throughout the week with 5 fish to his name at 42, 38, 25, 25, 43-06. Martin had a 33-04 from Party Point with Matt banking a 22 from the Dugout. Peter selected to fish Four Strong Winds catching 6 over the week inc. 21-04, 36-03, 35-06, 38, 41-06 and week best of 59. Peter had a 38 and 32 from Island Double, Peter also had two from the Pump Hole at 41 and 37. Richard caught a 38 from the Beach and John a 33 from Sunset point.
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