Holme Fen fishery report 14th to 26th Nov

In October 30, 2019

Fish are still well spread out coming from all areas of the Lake. Behind the islands is seeing a few fish especially if it hasn’t been fished in a while with fish moving in away from the pressure in the main lake. Our local tackle shop St. Ives tackle booked the first week with Martyn starting the party off with a 28 from Party point, Stephen then caught a 32-04 and 8lb self breed from Harry’s while Giles had a 34-4 from Four strong winds and Ollie had a 38-13 from party point. Vailus thought he had the best of the week fishing the island double to bank an impressive 49 but Martyn, having moved to the Reeds pulled it out of the bag with a 71.  The following week Loxi caught a 42 and 44-08 from Four Strong Winds, Jamie had a 38-12 from the Beach and Butch had a 26 common from Harry’s, while Dennis bagged the fish of the week at 53 from the Reeds.