Holme Fen Fishery 15th Sept – 6th Oct

In October 6, 2019

Meadows: A period where fishing has been very intermittent with periods of good fishing followed by hard times.15th Sept: Lee’s group booked a midweek session and found fishing hard. Sean managed 4 from the Lookout at 58, 43, 38 and 23, with Justin catching a 11lb self breed from Harry’s. Over the weekend Chris group found the fish feeding a little better catching 6 fish between 4 and 48lb. The next week was also split into two groups with the midweek group again finding fishing hard catching one fish around 30lb. Over the weekend things changed a bit with Lewis group catching 8 fish including 7 over 40 with a 58 and 62. Last weeks the cards turned again with only two fish seeing the bank, Adam had a 36 common from Four Strong Winds with Sam netting a 26-06 from the Beach.
Poachers: Poachers has fished far more consistent over the period. Peter had a brace of 32lb Mirrors from the takeaway. Ben caught 32-12, 31-10, 24 and 20 from the Pipe with Nick catching a 21 from Poachers point. Ben caught a 16 and 18lb Commons from Poachers point, Zack had a 33-07 from the Takeaway and Matt had a 19-05 from the pipe. John had 29-03 and 16 from Midpoint while Ed had a 17-05c. James had a good catch inc. 31-08, 27-12, 24-02, 23 and 17-02.