Weekly Report 4th May 2015

In May 6, 2015

The Meadows weekly report 4th May

A week of two halves with the first two days being reasonably hard then a change of wind (south west) and reducing pressure and the fish turned. By the time we closed the gate on Monday there were 6 different 40’s caught with the pick of the crop going to James Brown with a 46lb Mirror.

With all the press reports and my weekly status it may seem as if all you have to do is turn up and catch. Well this simply is not the way it is whilst it can be described as easy (the fish are still finding their way) the Meadows needs respect and carful angling. If you can get on the fish then you may catch a few however there are many that blank. As for the number of big fish reports, well they are mostly all big fish, if you can catch one the chances are it will be a 30++.