• All swim reservations should be made via the online booking system of the Holme Fen Fishery website.
  • All bookings and reservations are subject to approval by the fishery managers.
  • All bookings are to be paid in full at the time of booking online via the online booking system.

Should you wish to cancel a booking  you can contact the managers via email  or alternatively use the contact form on the Holme Fen Fishery website.  Cancellations and changes will incur a £10 per swim administration charge. No refunds will be provided with less than 2 months notice (medical emergencies will be reviewed by fishery management team). Angler substitutions may be allowed at the discretion of Holme Fen Fishery management team.

The owners / managers of Holme Fen Fishery reserve the right to cancel your booking at anytime due to unforeseen circumstance. We hope to never have to do so but in the event we do we will inform you either by telephone or email and discuss possible refund requirements.


The rules detailed here must be adhered to at all times whilst on-site at Holme Fen Fishery. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be asked to leave the complex and may also face a ban.

  • Fishing strictly by prior booking only .When arriving at the site (no earlier than 10:30) enter the gates and park in the main car park. You can walk around the lake but please do not bother existing anglers. A draw will be held in the main car park  at 11:00. Once you have selected where to fish you may drive to the swim (as near as permitted) to unload your equipment before parking your car in the nearest designated car park. Your car must then be left in the car park for the duration of your stay – it should NOT be used to travel to the toilet to the gate to pick up a takeaway or around the lake to see other anglers irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • All slings, mats and nets must be dry prior to entering the site – anybody caught unpacking damp equipment will be asked to leave immediately without refund. Fish safety is of paramount importance.
  • Minimum age is 18 years unless accompanied by a parent.
  • No non-angling guests permitted on the fishery.
  • 3 rod maximum.
  • No naked chod rigs, braid, leadcore or leaders (such as snag/shock leaders) of any kind.
  • No braided mainline apart from on spod and marker rods.
  • Minimum of 1 meter tubing on all mono or fluorocarbon lines rigs (if you have trouble with this try Korda tubing as it is easy to thread).
  • Pellets may be used but must be purchased from the fishery in advance through this website.
  • No bait boats.
  • Micro-barbed hooks only with maximum size 6.
  • Maximum lead size of 4oz.
  • Minimum line strength of 15lb inc Zigs
  • Suitable EXTRA LARGE slings and SIDED carp mats or cradles must be used (over 100cm in size) – no flat or beanie mats allowed. Minimum landing net size of 42” arms. Please make sure all fish are weighed and photographed as close to the water as possible, avoid carrying fish in your landing net (use your sling to carry landing net and fish to your mat) as this will aid their recovery. Any fish looking over 40lb should not be removed from the water, please unhook, weight and photograph in the water. These are big fish so please ensure your equipment is suitably sized, anybody with inadequate equipment will be asked to purchase replacements from the fishery or asked to leave without refund. Please ensure you have the correct equipment before booking.
  • Carp may only be held in a large recovery sling to assist weighing and photographing – the maximum time should not exceed 30mins. No carp to be placed in a sack.
  • Carp looking over 40lb should not be removed from the water. unhooking, weighing and photo’s should all be done in the water with the carp held in a weighing sling through this period.
  • No nuts to be used. Other particles baits (seeds pulses etc.) may be used but must be well soaked well cooked and used in moderation.
  • Nobody is permitted to use a boat at any time. In cases of weeded fish please be patient and put the rod back on rest and wait.
  • No artificial (plastic) bait apart from zig bugs.
  • Fishing is allowed from designated swims only. Please do not damage the vegetation.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • No rods to be left unattended (unofficial 40m remote rule applies however please be aware that this could lead to you being in trouble with the Environment Agency).
  • Always respect other anglers and do not cast into adjacent swims.
  • No loud music (if it can be heard 10m away it is too loud).
  • No fires. You may use BBQ’s but please ensure these are placed on bricks or slabs provided, do not place directly on the grass
  • No movement of fish. Fish should be returned to the lake they were caught.
  • Badly damaged fish must be retained in a sling and reported to the emergency numbers immediately.
  • Please carry fish care treatments to use on all hook holds marks or damaged fins etc.
  • Your ticket permits fishing from 11:00 on the date of arrival. You must leave the fishery no later than 11:00 on your day of departure. Do not arrive on site before 10:30 (there is nowhere for you to wait) – if you are early the local villages of Earith or Somersham have local amenities. On your arrival you may walk around the lake while waiting for the 11:00 draw.
  • Anglers may not leave the site after 20:00 or before 06:00 unless in an emergency.
  • Takeaway deliveries must be made before 20:00. Food must be collected from the on-site collection point at the main car park so ensure the takeaway driver has your mobile and you have provided them with the gate combination number – do not leave rods in water unattended or use cars to collect.
  • Pictures of all 35lb+ plus fish should be emailed to the fishery team within 2 days with your name and size of fish, date, bait used plus any other information you think applicable email address to use:
  • All rubbish to be taken away with you. Any angler with rubbish in their swim will be asked to leave and those leaving rubbish in a swim will be banned. If there is rubbish in your swim upon arrival please report to this to the bailiff.
  • Use the toilet provided near your swim – the bushes are not a toilet.
  • Emergency Numbers (to be used for emergency calls only): Martin 07531 910515 Mike 07950 666058