Ian Harle 42lb 8oz
41lb 8oz Jonny Amory

Session of a life time!

In October 30, 2014

Ian Harle from Hadnem in Cambridgeshire was recently invited on a guest ticket to fish The Meadows, and had the session of a lifetime with 6 fish to 42lb 8oz, with 4 others over 30lb (3 of which were over over 35lb!).

Upon arriving at the 26 acre gravel pit, Ian found a southerly wind blowing the length of the lake with the forecast turning to southwest that night. With an occasional fish showing in the middle of the lake, he decided to set-up on the southwest bank giving good access to the central part of the pit where he found gravel spots with a light chod covering at about 110m. He baited with 1kg of PCF Cocofruit 14mm boilies and half kg of PCF pellet on each spot. Having got everything sorted just before dark, Ian was just getting settled for the night when his right hand rod rattled off for his first and smallest fish of the session, a 28.14 Mirror. During the night, he caught a further three Mirrors from the same spot, at 36 exactly, 35.10 and 42.08, a new UK PB! The following day was quiet until 7pm when his middle rod let out a couple of bleeps followed by a one toner resulting in a 30lb Mirror. This was followed by his 6th fish of the session at 10pm, a 36.08 Mirror. Bites then dried up allowing Ian to catch some well-earned sleep. Ian used a hinged stiff-rig setup to 15lb mainline.

In the same session, Jonny Amory also managed to catch a PB in the form of this lovely 41.08 Mirror, caught over a large bed of PCF CocoFruit 14mm boilies.