Poachers Pool Report wk starting 24th Sept

In October 7, 2018

With the outlook of reasonably conditions James and his group arrived for their 48hr session in high spirits. Craig banked a night time 32lb Mirror from the pipe swim, James also had a 32lb mirror from the Takeaway while Mark banked a 16 and 19 plus dropped two to hook pulls. The boys used 14mm Relish boilies with a mix of particle for a successful session. David Moore booked the weekend session with Rob and Del. Rob drew the Pipe swim netting a 26-14 and 15lb Mirror, Del also had two a 22-08 and 18 from Poachers Point while David had a 14 from the Takeaway. There was a group on Midweek but they had left by the time I arrived however with recent form I can only imagine they had a few