Meadows wk starting 8th Oct

In October 15, 2023

Pauls group had a great week catching 18 fish with 11 of them going over 40 inc 2 fifties, with fish comming from some of the more unpopular swims and a float fishing session that must be some sort of record.Paul fished Wasted time catching 5 with 4 over 40lb at 50-12, 49-13, 46-06, 45-06 and 39-12. Andy had 6 from Sunken tree at 46-06, 39-12, 37-08, 45-06, 29-08, 49-13. Paul fished the Pump Hole catching a 39 and 39-11 on a float rig a rod lenght out from the swim, then on the last day put out a bottom bait to catch the biggest of the session at 51-03. East Bay produced a 49lb mirror, the Beach a 42-08 Mirror and Harry’s had a 42-08 and 18.