Meadows wk starting 24th May

In June 4, 2020

60, 2×50’s, 8×40’s, 6×30’s, 15×20’s

The week was split between two groups, Marks group fished the midweek session as they have for the past 5 years. Alan G managed a 51-08 from Party point early on followed by a further three 20’s. Steve had a 35 from the Dugout and Ambo had two at 22 and 27 from Blown away. John managed 5 from Four Strong Winds an inform swim at 44-06, 37-03 and three 20’s, Ant had 6 from the Pump hole at 48, 42, 37 and 3 x 20’s and Mark had a 50-14 from Sunset point, and three 20’s from East bay, Harry’s and Jakes.

Gavs group fished the weekend with the session being all about Andy catching a 62-04 from the Beach, he also managed fish at 48, 45-04, 34-04, 39-03 and 17. Stuart had a 48-04 from Party Point, Dick had a 41 from Sunken tree and Dan had three from Four Strong Winds at 44-03, 33-08 and 20