Meadows Wk 20th June

In June 27, 2021

Richards group found the lake fishing a bit moody However still managed 11 fish on their 5 day session. Tim had two from Beach at 44-08 and 34-08 then moved to Island Double catching a third at 31-12. Dave caught a 25-08 from Island double then moved to the pump hole catching a 22 common and 62 miror. Chris moved into the Beach at midweek catching 37 and 21-12 common, with Darren sticking in Four Strong winds for the week catching a 49–08, 42-12 and 31-12common. Wayne had a 34 from Dugout.

Marks group took over for the weekend catching 6 fish; two mid 30’s from Harrys, 34 from Party Point, 32 from East bay, 20common from Lookout and a24 from Island Double