Holme Fen wkly report 27th July

In August 8, 2020

Meadows Lake exclusive bookings 2021 and Winter syndicate tickets now available

A great effort in tricky conditions lands the guys 18 fish on their annual lake exclusive trip to the

Meadows. Dave Drew the Dugout breaking his PB twice with 5 Fish to 59-15, now that’s honest weighing, Dave’s others went 43-11, 41-08, 35-07 and 21-02. Allan caught four from the Beach double going 46-08, 42-04, 38-04 and 28-08, Tom had a 25-04 and 25-07 from Four Strong Winds while Tom had 24-12, 23-12, 21 and 12 from the Reeds. Liam had a 57-11 (PB) and 20-08 from Party Point and Ian had a 35-04 from Lockout.