Holme Fen Report wk starting 22nd Jun

In July 8, 2020

We are now taking lake exclusive bookings for 2021 and membership for the winter syndicate (Dec to Apr) Meadows:  Apologies if I have not included all names or missed anybody out as I lost the information. This week was taken by individual bookings so anglers arriving Mon Wed and Fri. Nigel started the week off catching a 60-02 ‘Billy’ from Wasted time, an inform big fish swim at the moment. Richard fished the Lookout catching 2 at 23-14and 27-04, there was also a 54 from the Pump Hole and 41 from the Beach. Midweek Lucus had a 43-04 from the Dugout, Dave had a 23-12 Konrad a 42-12, while Sam had 3 from the Beach at 48, 21, 19. Over the weekend there was a 24 from the Dugout, Kamio had a 44 and 25 from the Sunken Tree, David a 39-02 from Wasted time and James a 26 from Lookout

The Lake will now be shut for spawning