Holme Fen Fishery wks 9th and 16th

In August 27, 2020

Wk of 9th Aug

I lost the midweek catches however think there were 8 fish out including a 50 and 3 40’s two of which I think came from Party Point. During the weekend Session Marks group took advantage of the lower pressure catching 8 with Mark Catching a brace of 50’s going 52-08, 51-08 plus a 20-10 from Party Point. Chris brown caught a 31 from Wasted Time then moved to the Beach catching the biggest of the week at 57-08. Ljyod had a 21 from the Lookout, Lee a 44-14 from Jakes and Mantas a 41-02 from Four Strong Winds.

WH of 16th Aug

Alistair’s group turn up full of anticipation for their weeks booking with what looked like perfect conditions, but nobody told the fish, all lakes in the area went rock hard and Meadows was no exception so the group fished well banking 12 including a 50.

Alistair- 33.04 common, Harrys

Barrie- 27.08 common, Dug Out

Gavin- 19.14 common, PP Left

Andy- 25.11 mirror, Lookout 

Martin- 21.04, 37.08 mirrors, Beach

Colin 51.05, 37.08 mirrors, Sunset Point

Flinty- 24.0, 41.12, 45.0 mirrors – 28.0 common, PP Right.