Holme Fen Fishery wk starting 30th July

In August 8, 2018

The week started on reasonably with Mark getting two from the Lookout at 40-08 and 37-12, Matt had a 40-10 from Party point with a further two being banked from Harrys

The Mid week slowed down a little however produced the biggest fish of the week for Dave at 53-13 from the Reeds there was also a 20 and 30 reported.

The weekend suddenly kicked off with Andy Blyth catching a 21lb from 4 strong winds, Colin Horspool 15lb common and 16lb mirror from Island Double. Aaron wood 36lb 12oz, Daryl Tilling 26lb 8oz both from Jake’s. Steve Dorman 36lb from Lookout. Craig Glover, 34lb 12oz, 36lb 8oz, 38lb 8oz from Harry’s., Manc si, 18lb 8oz from Harry’s. Simon Vassy 43lb 12oz from Beach Double. Mark Horspool 26lb 12oz, 30lb 8oz, 34lb 12oz, 40lb 8oz, 51lb from Beach Double.