Holme Fen Fishery Weekly report 30th April

In May 1, 2017

Meadows 1 x 50, 3 x 40’s, 1 x 30

A reasonable weeks fishing considering the high pressure and morning frosts for three consecutive days.  Louis Weston caught the biggest fish of the week landing a 54-08pb Mirror from the Pump Hole plus a 27-02 original Common. Steve Raison had a 41-08pb from Party Point with Robert Munt also catching a 38 from Party Point.  Weekend fishing was just as challenging with two fish seeing the bank, a 45pb for John caught from the Dugout and 43pb for Dick from the Beaches.

Poachers Pool

Poacher Poll fish well again this week. Mon –Tue saw  James Horn catching 34-12 (twice in two days and 33-02 from the Takeaway. Midweek Ian Rice banked 4 from the Pipes at 24-10, 33-14, 24 and 17-08.