Holme Fen Fishery report wk starting 6th September

In September 16, 2020

Meadows: 2×60’s, 3×50’s, 9×40’s

Kurts group had the weekly booking catching 21 fish with 14 of these over 40lb inc two 60’s. The first half of the week was a little tricky with anglers stalking the bays to good effect, as the week progressed fish started getting caught more regularly in open water. Ali and his mate fished the Pump Hole targeting the far margin to catch 8 going 22, 26, 36, 42, 46, 47, 48, and Pashley at 62+ (bottomed out scales at 62 so exact weight unknown). Martin fished the Beach catching a 31, 46 and 50, Steve in Party Point had 28, 28, 47 and 48, Shaun had a 41 from Four Strong Winds and Ryan a 30-06 from Harry’s. Jim fished the Dugout catching 42, 54, 55 and new 60 at 60-08 which has been named Cluster.


Poachers fished well all week; The week started with Harry catching a PB 36-13 from the Takeaway with Adrian netting 3x mid 20’s from the Pipe. Midweek saw Tim catch a 24 from the Pipe and Dan netting 35, 32, 29-08 and 24 from the Takeaway. Over the weekend Lee Had two from the Takeaway at 28-10 and 11lb, Steve had a 24 from the Pipe and Andy a 24-12 and 20-06 from Mid Point.