Holme Fen Fishery report wk starting 29th April

In May 6, 2019


The week started tough, with the cold weather still hanging over us Steve’s group fished hard and managed two fish, the original Common at 36-08 from East bay and a 31 Mirror from Jakes. Gavin’s group started on Friday as the weather started warming a little and the change was instant. Dan had 6 from Four Strong winds at 51 (pb), 46, 41, 40, 36 & 34, Andy had a 33-08 (pb) from the Dugout, John a 34 (pb) from Jakes, Dick a 47 (pb) from the Beech, Gav a 33 from the Beech and Glen topped the week off with a 54-08 (pb) from Party Point.

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In contrast to the Meadows Poachers fish very well. Richard and Mitch booked a 4-night stay catching 13 between them, Richard choose the Take away catching 34-08, 34, 27-08, 27-02, 25, 17-08 & 12. Mitch had 34, 29-14, 27-02, 17-08, 15, 12 from the Pipe swim. There was a further two fish out over the weekend to Warren at 29-01 and a 16 Common from Poachers Point