Holme Fen fishery report wk starting 18th Nov

In November 1, 2020

Meadows fished relatively hard compared to the previous couple of weeks. Despite fishing hard Larry’s group managed 8 fish which most came from the bays and behind the islands as the guys searched them out.

Larry fished Wasted time catching two at 53-14 and 42, Rob moved to East bay and caught 3 at 53, 49 and 41. Kevin had a 27 in Party Point,, Ian a 48 from Jakes and Alex a 35 from the dugout.

Poachers Fished well with the guys finding the fish in a receptive mood. Neil had a great time catching 5 from the Pipe going 36, 32, 29, 19 and 18. Ambrose fished Midpoint catching 23, 20 and 17. Over the weekend James caught two from the Takeaway at 37 and 29-02 and his mate had two from the Pipe at 28-02 and 22-12.