Holme fen fishery report Wk starting 12th July

In July 27, 2020

The week was split between two groups, Tim’s group took the midweek session catching 14 fish. A good draw saw Tim selecting to fish Party Point catching 5 at 35.12, 27,  20.04,  27.08 and 36. Rich had 3 from the Beach Double including a new PB at 45-09 and others of 36-09 and 18-06 Common,, Paul had a 18-11 Common also from the Beach Double and Dave had 39-12 and 26 from the Reeds. Rob fished the Dugout catching 35-01 and 56-02 PB and best of the session, Ade managed a 34-11 from Sunset Point.

The weekend session was booked by Chris with things slowing down as the high pressure took hold, however Neil managed 3 from the Lookout going 23, 34.4 and 46.6