Holme Fen Fishery report wk 22nd May

In May 25, 2017

The Meadows

The lake continues to fish steady with numerous fish showing through the middle section of the lake. Midweek went to St Ives Tackle on a lake exclusive booking; Jon Button started things off with a early 40-08 from Party Point. Then Nigel Tuin caught a 25 Common also from Party Point. Phil Lee waited patiently in the Sunken tree to be rewarded with a 55lb Mirror and Giles Chester caught a 47-08 from the Pump Hole following a move.


Poachers Pool

Yet another good weeks fishing on Poachers Pool despite only being booked for 4 days. Gavin Loine done well in the Takeaway banking 33-14, 32-12 and 15. Paul Cole fished the Pipes catching a great looking mirror at 36-10. There was also a further 30 plus a couple of mid 20’s out during the week.