Holme Fen fishery report 14th Aug

In August 15, 2017

Meadows  8×30’s, 5×40’s, 1×50

Great weeks fishing on the Meadows with the usual spread of large fish seeing the bank and fish coming from all over the lake.  Darren Reeve fished the ever reliable Four Strong Winds catching 38-11 and 18, there was also a 24 caught later in the week from this swim. Martin Howells had a stockie from the Dugout at 17-08, while Darrin Price had 47-14, 44-4, and 36-08 from Party Point. Ray Reeve down well in Sunset point catching a brace of 40’s at 46-06 and 42-06 plus a 25, Jamie Astley had a 49-08, 37, and 36  fishing Harry’s with mate Mark Chlebec who also had 3 going 56-08, 37 and 35. Charlie Dolphin moved into the Dugout on Friday catching a 35-12and there was a further 24 from the Beech.