Holme Fen Fishery – Meadows catch report Wk starting 19th September

In October 19, 2021

1 x 50, 6 x 40’s, 4 x 30’s and 5 x 20’s

Matthews group had a good week with seven fish being caught over 40lb Jack fished Party Point catch 5 fish over the weeklong session including 41-15 Mirror others went 36-06, 32-15, 27—02 common and 24-07. Ben started in party point catching a 23 then moved to Island Double catching the biggest of the week at 54-08 and a 28. Steve had a 46-03 from Four Strong Winds, Nathan fished the Lookout catching 40-12, 38-11 and 30-05. Adam caught a 42-08 and 28 common from the Pump hole, Matt a 40-05 from the Beach and Jay a 41-13 from East Bay.