April Report

In May 21, 2018

We opened Holme Fen earlier this year at the beginning of March however due to the cold weather conditions fishing was hard for most of the month with only the odd fish being caught. Fishing picked up from 9th April and the Meadows has fished fairly consistently since with an average weekly catch of around 15 fish plus a couple of bumper weeks where conditions warmed up and the fish got on the feed. Fish are now starting to pile the weight on with two new 60’s being reported this Month  (61-14 and 64-02). The lake is open until 11th June when it will be shut for a month to assist spawning and recovery. Poachers has fished well since April with several fish over 35lb being reported. We added an addition 30 fish this year between 13ib and 23lb to boost stock which has meant the average catch has increased over 2017. Poachers is currently shut (being smaller and more sheltered they usually spawn earlier). There are a number of spaces available on Poachers towards autumn, bookable on the website www.holmefenfishery.co.uk

Meadows weekly Catches

9th April Brad Greening group  1x 60, 1 x 50, 16 x 40, 9 x 30, 9 x 20 best 61-14 next 56

16th April D Light Apples at 53 and 46 B Flowers 2 x 51

18th April K Dye group 5 x 40’s to 49lb plus a few smaller ones

23rd April R Tongue group 2 x 50, 4 x 40, 39

30th April J Basset Group 2 x 50 at 51-04 and 55-10

4th May Gavin 38 and 42

7th May St Ives Tackle 12 fish to 54-10

14th May L Marshall Group 15 fish inc 67-14, 64-02, 59 & 51